TREXLHPKLWS1 | AMS Trex Device Communicator | Emerson
TREXLHPKLWS1 | AMS Trex Device Communicator | Emerson

TREXLHPKLWS1 | AMS Trex Device Communicator | Emerson

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Emerson Device Communicator Plus, HART, IS, Wireless

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Product Description
Base Trex Platform(1)
Device Communicator Plus communication module(2)
HART Application
Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Module
ATEX, CSA (US/Canada) and IECEx Intrinsically Safe (includes FISCO as applicable)
Standard Support (1 Year)(6)

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The AMS Trex Device Communicator expands the long line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new capabilities that adapt it to consumer expectations for mobile device functionality. Technicians armed with a Trex communicator won’t waste time bringing devices back to the shop for analysis or reconfiguration. Problems with Foundation Fieldbus and HART devices can be diagnosed in the field while the devices are still installed. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive, invasive physical investigation of the problem.

AMS Trex™ Device Communicator

  • Commission and validate devices faster!
  • Automatically synchronize field changes with AMS Device Manager
  • Quickly fix issues in the field with advanced device diagnostics
  • Configure and test valves inline
  • Improve efficiency with a modern, intuitive user interface
  • Intrinsically safe; usable anywhere you need to go

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